She Doesn’t Like to Talk Over The Telephone. Is actually She Flirting, or is She Severe?

Reader Question:

This girl (29 yrs old) is my personal teacher’s assistant as well as 2 many years earlier to me. While we go from university to my home, she will always reach me personally, nudge me personally or wipe the woman human body to my own.

I inquired if she’s a sweetheart and mentioned she actually is form of seeing somebody. She questioned my personal condition and I also mentioned I was unmarried.

We you will need to call her but she doesn’t pick up. I then ask if she would prefer to get lunch/dinner beside me sometime. She claims she’s maybe not staying away from me but does not desire chat over the telephone. She additionally states political party map she’d love to carry on our very own friendship over meals but at any given time she actually is not tired or busy.

Is actually she flirting, or perhaps is she serious?

-Al (U.S.A)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Al,

This girl is actually messing with you. She doesn’t know what she desires.

She is maintaining you as a back-up guy in case the lady present guy allows the woman down. Or, she might be making use of you to boost her very own ego.

I’d state move forward. This lady is not worth it. This online game playing will drive you crazy!

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